Kremlin opts to release Savchenko as authorities involved in negotiations, - lawyer

The exchange of the Ukrainian pilot illegally held by Russia is a matter of several months

Nadiya Savchenko's lawyer Mark Feigin said on air of 112 Ukraine TV channel, Censor.NET reports.

"The talks are indeed underway although with varying success. The chances go up and down. Of course, the situation depends much on the Kremlin, on its whims, its claims. Another thing is that, I can assure you that I get all the information from Ukraine. This information is not from Moscow. I've heard only a few scattered rumors here in Moscow. All that I know, everything is done, as if, with the participation of persons authorized by the Ukrainian government. They are not some unrelated persons or some negotiators. Officials are involved in all these processes," he confirmed.

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"Certainly, the verdict is predictable, since the trial is a political one, but as well because the Kremlin has basically made the decision to let Savchenko go. Because holding her becomes too unfavorable for them, especially after a number of evidence, published by the defense, confirming Savchenko's innocence, her abduction. Therefore, immediately after all the procedures, she will be sent to serve her sentence in Ukraine under Convention. Everything will remain undisclosed, that is, no one will know what the agreements actually are, whether it will be an exchange or something else, which is actually not important, but it will take place in the coming months, not years, of course, but weeks or months," he said.

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