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 Government being discredited to redistribute financial flows and seize power, - Yatseniuk

People's Front parliamentary faction will make separate decisions on each minister who tendered resignation.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Arsenii Yatseniuk said today at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, Censor.NET reports.

"The resignation of individual ministers is granted exclusively by the Verkhovna Rada. Our faction will decide separately on each minister, taking into account their merits while in office.

"I want to say that everyone who has worked in the current Cabinet for 14 months did all they could and sometimes even more. So I appreciate the position even of those ministers who tendered their resignations under political pressure.

"I am convinced that we've walked a long road, and in this situation, the resignation would be fleeing the battlefield. We must continue fighting. Those who want everything to be as it was before in order to quietly share up companies appointed ministers loyal not to the country but to certain political forces. They only applaud to what is happening. They succeeded.

"My position is as follows - we will continue our fight and work. If someone in the parliament is not satisfied with it - they are free to muster 150 votes, put a resolution of no confidence in the Cabinet to vote, and assume full responsibility. We will respect the decision of a democratic parliament," he said.

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"Perhaps they have better programs, but I have not seen them, maybe they have more professional people - I have not seen them as well. During the last year, there was a fuss to discredit the Cabinet and individual members of the Cabinet who I support. All this is aimed at redistributing financial flows and seizing power. We will proceed with our work. We will carry out reform and protect members of our team," he added.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n372432