"We are treated like cattle," - Donbas militants seek to get combatant status in Russia

Russian mercenaries who fought in the Donbas try to get official combatant status.

Censor.NET reports referring to Gazeta.ru.

"The Union of Donbas Volunteers, bringing together those who fought alongside "DPR/LPR" terrorists, requires that the mercenaries should receive combatant status. In total, according to the organisation, several thousand people took part in hostilities in eastern Ukraine. More than 200 died there and about 300 were wounded. The militants say that alongside the status, they would also like to enjoy respect in society," the article notes.

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Militant Erkin "Kedr" Ismanov, 41, Moscovite, married, father of four children, fought in the Donbas for almost a year within Palestintsy gang. At the moment, he is back to Russia for treatment.

"The most disgusting is the way they speak to us at medical boards, while assessing disability, or in hospitals. They treat us like cattle, telling the guys into face: "We did not send you there."

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Russian senator Frants Klintsevich says he would really want militants to receive such status, but the state-legal department will defeat it.

"This is at odds with other laws, the Criminal Code," he explains. "The state did not urge anyone to go to the Donbas, though it prevented neither, understanding the feelings of those whose relatives stayed there or who just wanted to help. Mercenaries were engaged through various public organizations."

Sergey Krivenko of the Russian presidential human rights council believes that militants from the Donbas should go to jail for taking part in hostilities in the territory of another state rather than be granted the status.

"There is an article stipulating for the punishment of mercenaries. It's intended exactly for such people fighting on foreign soil. They are just criminals!" Krivenko outrages.

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However, Krivenko does not rule out that eventually the state will support mercenaries somehow and recognize them as was the case with combatants in Angola, Ethiopia, and other countries.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n371951