US to help Ukraine create professional volunteer brigade of the National Guard

The United States decided to support establishment of a new professional volunteer brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine.

Censor.NET Chief editor Yurii Butusov wrote on Facebook.

"Ukraine has taken another important step towards establishment of the first professional infantry unit. Yesterday was a very important day, crucial for the success of the military reform in Ukraine. Commander of the National Guard Yurii Allerov and Deputy Interior Minister Tigran Avagyan met with representatives of the Embassy of the United States: head of the Department of Defense Cooperation Colonel Cynthia Matuskevich, acting military attache Michael Van de Velde and the head of the military-political department Douglas Hoyt. The project of a professional volunteer brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine was discussed at the meeting. The new Light Infantry Brigade will become part of the National Guard," Butusov wrote.

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The details of US aid program to create a new professional volunteer brigade of the National Guard will be announced in the nearest future, during a visit of the delegation of the US Defense Ministry to Ukraine, Butusov stressed.

"The program emerged as a new project for Ukraine. The leadership of the Interior Ministry and the National Guard formed the concept, determined the basic threats and the strategy, selected the officers, formed the unit, which started operating and selecting the personnel. The volunteer officers and trainers started the training program. Demonstration sessions were held on the organization of the staff and commanders of the departments and platoons, as well as numerous international meetings and demonstrations" he wrote.

So now Ukraine will receive a special aid program for the new professional volunteer brigade. "It means that we have done it on a professional level. It means that our Western partners have seen the eyes of our soldiers and officers, their dedication and responsibility, and believed that everything we do is for real. So we're doing everything right," Butusov concluded.


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