Germany to support Nord Stream 2 only if Eastern Europe's interests counted, - Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel

During a meeting with Polish Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Development Mateusz Morawiecki, German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said Warsaw and Berlin have different views on the situation around the construction of Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline across the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

Censor.NET reports citing Radio Polsha.

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"For Germany, this is a purely economic issue as our companies decide where they want to buy gas," the German politician said. Gabriel was prompt to add he was aware of Poland's concerns about the construction of the gas pipeline, and the Germans would not ignore the position of Poland.

In turn, Polish Deputy Prime Minister Morawiecki, answering journalists' questions, assured his German counterpart that the Poles did not intend to boycott German goods - an initiative recently called upon by Law and Justice MP Krystyna Pawłowicz. According to Morawiecki, Poland is a big country with a population of 38 million people and a parliament of 460 deputies, and there will always be someone formulating their views rather radically.
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