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 Three-hour long battle with terrorists took place near Marinka yesterday evening, - journalist Tsaplienko

Ukrainian soldiers engaged in a three-hour long battle with the Russian Federation marines in the vicinity of Marinka Jan. 26 in the evening. The Russian servicemen launched an offensive against Ukrainian troops’ position immediately after departure of the OSCE observers.

Journalist Andrii Tsaplienko wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

He wrote: "There is news from Marinka again: a soldier, whom I am know, has been wounded. The battle ended 40 minutes ago. The positions with code signs Bungalo, Tsentr and other temporary firing positions on the front line were fired at with all types of weapons available with the separatists.

"Although, why do I call them separatists? According to our agents, regular troops of the Russian Federation, namely marines, are undergoing combat shakedown in the vicinity of Marinka. They use our guys as targets for training as if they are at a shooting ground.

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"The assault started at 8 p.m. just after OSCE observers had left the area near Marinka. The attackers mistakenly assumed that there would be no retaliation fire. The battle lasted for three hours and ended at 11 p.m. One soldier on our side with the call sign Medved (the Bear - Ed.) was wounded. He is just an ordinary mobilized infantryman but an extremely brave one. Brave soldiers get shot first in this war. Medved received a shrapnel injury in his arm. He will live.

"This is not the first and, obviously, not the last battle near Marinka. I ask myself the same questions all the time: Why Marinka? Why the 14th brigade? And I cannot find the answer still."

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