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 Verkhovna Rada chairman to sign law on re-election in Kryvyi Rih

The draft to cancel the Verkhovna Rada decision to adopt the law on election in Kryvyi Rih has not been supported by sufficient number of MPs.

Censor.NET correspondent reports that only 40 people's deputies have voted for the decision. The voting was proposed by Opposition bloc MP Mykhailo Papiiev.

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Before the vote, Verkhovna Rada Chairman Volodymyr Hroisman explained that he could not sign the law prior to consideration of the bill on its cancellation. After the vote, he added, he obtained the legal right to sign the law on the re-election.

"I will act as I have promised to. And shame on those who scared people and made them go on hunger strike when they look at themselves in the mirror," the chairman said in response to accusations of Samopomich MP Yehor Soboliev, who previously stated that Hroisman was intentionally dragging his feet in order to disrupt the re-election.

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