Russian Deputy PM Rogozin was in charge of sending Russian nationalists to war in Donbas: "Kremlin planned to slaughter large number of people"

One of the leaders of Russian nationalists and organizers of "Russian march" rallies Dmitry Demushkin claims his victimization and repressive crackdowns by the authorities of the Russian Federation following his refusal to support annexation of Crimea and war in the Donbas.

Dmitry Demushkin said in an interview with Radio Svoboda, Censor.NET reports.

According to him, he was detained 12 times since March.

"I have long been offered to leave, tried to be forced out of the country. They even offered me money, told me to leave for Kyiv. But I decided to stay here. The direct conflict with them started in early March following my meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin, where they tried to convince me to take part in Ukrainian events, direct nationalists there. .... I understood what this all was about and did not express enthusiasm as for direction of people to participate in combats," the nationalist said.


According to Demushkin, each of his public appearances or meetings with people was followed by arrival of the special ops unit.

He claimed that all who had taken the same stance were either forced to leave the country or were placed in Matrosskaya Tishina remand prison, meaning Alexander Belov (Russian politician-nationalist - Ed.).

"The idea was obviously to gather all the passionate people, who represented nationalism here, and send to this war so that they killed each other there. No one was going to let organized, united, armed men with combat experience back in Russia. These people were planned to be destroyed, disposed of there. I knew it from the beginning. ... So it was obvious that a large number of people was just planned to be slaughtered. The Kremlin would have solved several tasks at once in this case, while Russian nationalists would bleed to death after shedding blood in Ukraine," one of the leaders of the Russian nationalists said.

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