China supports Ukraine's proposal of 'Silk Route' bypassing Russia

Beijing has supported Ukraine-offered cargo transportation route from China to Europe, which bypasses Russia, as one of the elements of the 'new Silk Route' economic belt.

This was announced by Chinese Foreign Ministry on Monday, Censor.NET reports citing Newsru.com.

"Considering the proposal by the Ukrainian party and other countries about the new transportation route, the Chinese party is also supporting it," the Ministry's representative said answering journalists' questions.

Earlier, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Ukraine signed a protocol on competitive preferential rates for cargo transportation along the Transcaspian international transportation route, also known as "Silk Route," bypassing Russia. It starts at Izov station at Ukraine's border with Poland and ends at Dostyk station at Kazakh border with China.

The route includes ferry crossings through the Black and Caspian seas, and takes under two weeks to pass.

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Ukraine launched the first experimental train from Ukraine to China via Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan from Illichivsk sea port, the Odesa region, on Jan. 15. The train crossed Azerbaijan's territory on Jan. 23 and headed to Kazakhstan. All procedures were agreed upon by the member countries of the experiment within several days, including the issue of setting competitive preferential rates for cargo transportation along the route.

Russia terminated the CIS agreement with Ukraine regulating the free-trade area and imposed import duties for alleged protection of its market from EU duty-free goods.

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