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 Mother of paratrooper killed in downed IL-76 knocked Nazarov on head during court hearing

Relatives of 49 troopers and pilots who died in the IL-76 aircraft downed by the Russian terrorists June 14, 2014 persevered in proceedings against the ATO HQ Head - Acting First Deputy Chief of Staff Viktor Nazarov in the course of the scheduled court hearing today.

Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov wrote on Facebook.

"Nazarov authorized departure of the aircraft despite the warning by the intelligence agency of the prepared ambush. It is the first time when a general is tried in Ukraine for criminal negligence which resulted in the deaths of people. This is an important lesson for the future that the lives of soldiers placed in hands of a commander are the highest value," Butusov wrote.

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"Nazarov hired expensive lawyers and bodyguards for his general's salary and with a good reason - the mother of one of the victims knocked Nazarov on the head despite the protection today. This was reported by participant of the trial Tetiana Kolianska," Butusov wrote.

At the same time, activist Iliana Viskalina wrote on Facebook that the trial was hard for the relatives of the dead soldiers.

"I am proud of the firmness and self-possession of parents while bearing testimony, talking about their sons, men, being in the same room with the general who is guilty of the death of their relatives. There was an ocean of tears of the victims' relatives. The stories related to the Maidan, when the 25th Brigade was sent to disperse the people, have come up as well. These actions were motivated by the betrayal of generalship back then. Terrible conditions in our military units, bullying of soldiers, and the fact that the families had to purchase uniforms and other stuff for their sons and husbands, have also been disclosed. And it certainly was about the fact that that the general had sent the guys to their doom being aware of the militants' ambush and the fact that the plane was absolutely unprotected!" Viskalina wrote.

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