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 “Russian delegation was unable to meet with us in Davos, but I'm optimistic," - Jaresko on restructuring of ‘Yanukovych’ debt

Ukraine expects to reach agreement with Russia on restructuring of Putin’s loan to Yanukovych in the amount of $3 bn and is willing to change the conditions compared to the last year’s Eurobond exchange scheme, if the saving will not be less as a result.

Minister of Finance of Ukraine Natalie Jaresko said in an interview with Reuters on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos Jan. 20, Censor.NET informs.

Ukraine's finance minister also said that she expected the resumption of financial assistance by the IMF in February. The debt restructuring is part of the program agreed with the Fund and Ukraine has managed to persuade holders of Eurobonds in the amount of $15 bn to write off part of the amount last year. Moscow did not agree and threatened to file a lawsuit.

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"Unfortunately, the Russian delegation was unable to meet with us here in Davos, but I'm always optimistic. We have good experience of reaching mutual agreements ... this is the preferred way for all of us," Jaresko said Wednesday.

She reiterated that Ukraine was unable to offer Russia better conditions than those accepted by other holders of Eurobonds although adding that it did not mean that the deal should be the same while the net economic result should be.

Jaresko announced that she expected Ukraine to receive the third IMF tranche in February but excluded it's combining with the fourth tranche, as suggested by the National Bank. She said she saw no alternative to the reform program agreed with the IMF and was looking forward to the resumption of economic growth in 2016 after two years of recession.

At the same time, the slowdown of the global economy may put into question the government's forecast of two-percent GDP growth.

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According to the finance minister, it is the last year's estimation, while the forecasts are constantly being reviewed and she expects the growth around this figure.

She also added that the slowdown of the global economy would certainly affect Ukraine but the government still expected to achieve growth in 2016 if the process of reform would continue in the country.

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