Russian mercenaries say they have been brainwashed: “Ukrainian army consists of patriots”

Former Russian insurgent calls those whom he was fighting against in the Donbas patriots of his country and says he regrets coming to Ukraine with weapons.

This was stated by former Donbas militant Alexey in an interview with Russian website Rosbalt, Censor.NET reports.

"I can only say of the armed forces of Ukraine, those poor creatures who had been drafted to the army and forced to protect their Fatherland - they are good eggs and patriots. I really regret about having to shoot at them. My enemies are not there! That's the TV that made me think so.

"It's a pity that I'm not the only one deceived by TV propaganda. It's a good thing that many of those who had been there started to realize that's not our war, that's the war of other people and their interests. Many of my comrades realized that we had been deceived and betrayed.

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"There was this fighter in Krasnodon from Kyrgyzstan, call sign 'Magas,' he was a famous insurgent, I knew him, we fought alongside. He returned home and wrote the truth. He said: "We stand in solidarity with the Ukrainians, and if we had known how it would go, we would have fought on the other side." He told about how we met Russian troops there, how we were dissed. He supported Putin. He is a career officer, he went through Chechnya, was wounded there; he is very difficult to deceive, and he was one of the first to understand what kind of war that was, and he grew disappointed with it very fast.

"He said: "I am the officer with a degree, and I had been deceived by all these Kiselevs and Solovyevs [Russian TV propagandists - ed.]!" He acknowledged what he was doing there: "I was killing my brothers!"

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"Currently, we are trying to talk the young out of going there, we speak of that war. But it's not easy to fight TV propaganda. Now they are going to take pictures with tommy guns, to check in at the war. I went because I wanted to fight fascists. But I haven't met a single one there," the mercenary said, noting there were no fascists among captives from 'Aidar' battalion of the Ukrainian army either.

"They fought for their land. Anyway, only those who wish to be deceived can be deceived. I was a fool, I bought this TV crap and went to the Donbas with the same 'brainwashed' guys," former insurgent Alexey regrets.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n370116