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 MP Chornovol publishes draft parliamentary resolution on sanctions against Rosneft. DOCUMENT

People's Front faction MP Tetiana Chornovol has published the text of the draft resolution submitted to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to impose sanctions against Rosneft JSC and its subsidiaries in Ukraine.

She published the draft resolution on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"I am personally going to file a draft resolution on the imposition of sanctions against Rosneft to the Verkhovna Rada today. And I will strive for this resolution to be supported by the Verkhovna Rada," the lawmaker wrote.

The draft decree is signed by several dozens MPs, as evidenced by the published copy of the document.




The cabinet should ensure "cessation of all economic relations of state owned enterprises or government-sponsored enterprises with Rosneft JSC, subsidiaries of Rosneft JSC, and the companies, which ultimate beneficiary is Rosneft JSC or its subsidiaries," the draft resolution reads.

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The document also provides for freezing of assets of Rosneft JSC and its subsidiaries in Ukraine.

In addition, the draft decree instructs the State Fiscal Service to conduct an unscheduled inspection of the activities of the Rosneft JSC and its subsidiaries registered in Ukraine, as well as companies which ultimate beneficiary is Rosneft JSC and its subsidiaries and other entities, which purchased/provided services or products from/to subsidiaries of the Rosneft JSC registered in Ukraine during 2014-2015, and companies, which ultimate beneficiary is Rosneft JSC.

Earlier, Chornovol wrote on her blog on Ukrainska Pravda that Rosneft JSC - the Russian Federation enterprise with 70 percent state share - was the largest taxpayer to the budget of the aggressor state.

"The payments of Rosneft to the budget are almost twice as high as payments made by infamous Gazprom. In particular, according to the results of 2014, Rosneft has transferred three trillion rubles to the budget while Gazprom transferred one and a half," the lawmaker wrote.

She added that Rosneft JSC was subjected to sanctions imposed by the EU, U.S., and Canada, but the branch of Rosneft continued operating in Ukraineб earning from ordinary Ukrainians.

"There are over 300 gas stations owned by Rosneft throughout the country including TNK, Zolotoi Hepard, Formula, Smile," - Chornovol wrote.

According to the MP, it became possible due to the fact that the company had got strong backing, which covered its activities in Ukraine.

"Why is it possible? It must be admitted that Rosneft has political clout in Ukraine that has been hampering imposition of sanctions all this time. People associated to Rosneft are occupying senior positions in the Prosecutor General's Office (Kasko) and Justice Ministry (Shkliar, Yanchuk)," Chornovol wrote on her blog on Censor.NET.

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"Rosneft JSC has also got a tool to manipulate public opinion, the media, and a number of speakers from the public, lawmakers, officials, and politicians. In particular, it became possible forTymur Bondarev, who was known for providing legal services to Rosneft, to lift the attachment of "Kurchenko's oil" in the autumn of 2014. He is now a board member of the influential anti-corruption organization "Transparency International Ukraine", which forms the opinion of a number of the media, NGOs, and public entities.

"The head of the Odesa Regional State Administration is also active in the public space while his opinion is formed by his first deputy Volodymyr Zhmak, who has been Rosneft-Ukraine CEO until summer of 2015. He occupied this position during the tenure of Yanukovych, organized corrupt practices with Kurchenko, worked in the days of the Russian aggression. And now he is not only in power, but also the right hand of main Ukraine's newsmaker Saakashvili," Tetiana Chornovol wrote.

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