Right Sector ex-leader to establish National Movement of Dmytro Yarosh

The working title of Right Sector ex-leader Dmytro Yarosh's new political movement is National Movement of Dmytro Yarosh.

Yarosh's ally Olena Bilozerska wrote in Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

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"National Movement of Dmytro Yarosh is a working title so far. Over time, it can be changed. But our decision to include the name of the leader in movement's title is firm, and we will not go back on that," she said.

She noted this would be a leader-centered organization, and those "at odds are free to choose other organisations or create their own."

"However, I personally do not like the current title very much. I offered another - short, challenging, and stylish: People of Yarosh. That's all. Yes, we are people of Yarosh. We trust our leader with whom we fought shoulder to shoulder, who we saw in battle and in daily help to comrades, even in cases when out of their own initiative they got involved in a trivial crime, hardly deserving for any assistance," Bilozerska added.

She also said the decision to include the name in the title was not unanimous, and it was necessary to "convince some comrades who believe solely idea should be the key point rather than a person."

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"Dmytro Yarosh himself for a long time was against his name being used in the title... But we managed to persuade him," Bilozerska wrote.

As reported, in late December 2015, Yarosh announced his resignation from the position of Right Sector leader, while staying a "nationalist, statesman, and revolutionary."

On Dec. 28, Yarosh announced his intention to create a new political movement.
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