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 Terrorists shelled Marinka with heavy machine guns

Last night it was not calm in the ATO area. The tensest situation was observed near Marinka.

Censor.NET reports citing the ATO press center

The terrorists fired at Ukrainian troops' positions three times from 82 mm and 120 mm mortars. They also fired from small arms and grenade launchers.

In the Mariupol sector, the terrorists shelled Vodiane, located in the so-called 'grey zone', from 82 mm and 120 mm mortars.

The militants opened fire at Ukrainian positions near Maiorsk with small arms and heavy machine guns. They also fired from anti-aircraft guns at Ukrainian forces' positions at Novhorodske.

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The shelling does not stop near the Donetsk airport. The occupants systematically shelled Ukrainian servicemen in the vicinity of Opytne, Pisky, and to the South of Avdiivka. Last night they fired from small arms and rocket-propelled grenades.

The terrorists violated the cease-fire in the Luhansk region. Triokhizbenka village was fired from small arms, rocket-propelled grenades, and heavy machine guns. Ukrainian soldiers were forced to fire back from allowed weapons to prevent losses among the civilians. After that, the militants' shelling stopped.

The terrorists violated the cease-fire a total of 40 times in the ATO area. Several cases of minor shelling of Ukrainian positions have been also reported after midnight.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n369375