General Staff elaborated on seventh round of mobilization

армия мобилизация военнослужащие

As a result of partial demobilization, there is a need to man the ranks of the Armed Forces. Both contract soldiers and those mobilized will be recruited. Naturally, the more contract soldiers will join the army, the less the need for the mobilized will be.

Censor.NET reports, citing an official statement by the General Staff.

"The Armed Forces are interested in being maximally manned with professional and motivated personnel, serving under contract. We are currently offering the previously mobilized soldiers to get enlisted as contract servicemen. As soon as we get the number of contract fighters, we'll know how more people will have to be mobilized.

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"Ukrainian army units have been optimized and appropriately trained, the Armed Forces have been supplied with new equipment and weapons. We focus on enhancing combat capabilities through training and supply rather than manning. Thus, we can already say that less people will be enlisted during the seventh round," the General Staff noted.

"We create conditions for attracting men to serve under contract. The military who have served 11 months can sign a contract for six months. In 2016, the salaries of servicemen have been raised, with the minimum wage being UAH 7,000 (approx. $270) and ATO bonuses being added. Clothing supply order has also been updated. The military with higher civilian education degree may take three-month courses to receive officer's rank."

"In future, service conditions and supply quality will gradually grow. If you realize you are ready to be mobilized in the seventh round and want to try yourself as a contract soldier, or if you have questions, please, call us: 0 800 500 051," the General Staff summed up.

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