Roshen Lipetsk factory put up for sale for $200 million, - corporation CEO

Roshen Corporation is set to sell Lipetsk Confectionery Factory in Russia.

As reported by Censor.NET, corporation CEO Viacheslav Moskalevskyi said this in an interview with LІGA.net.

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"We've put them [assets - ed.] up for about $200 million," he said.

The CEO added there was no buyer yet. "We've put it up for sale. But once we did it, all real buyers disappeared. We joke that after Yanukovych fled there, Russia saw the same things as we had while he ruled. It's hard to find a normal buyer, only cops and FSB officers are left. And they have a specific approach to buying. Once they come to see assets, be ready to meet someone from prosecutor's office the next day. That is, the assets have been assessed, and the coming day they start a seizure process," Moskalevskyi said.

Earlier, partner of investment company Makar Paseniuk said there had been two real buyers ready to sign the documents. But every time, a day or a week before the deal, some incidents occurred and everything failed.

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Moskalevskyi also said he was not going to sell his share within the corporation, despite president's statements.

"I said it right away that when Poroshenko would be selling the corporation, the first thing he would have to do is appointing someone instead of me, as I won't do it. Because I created it for myself and not for sale. If he wants, let him sell it, I can't stop him after all," Moskalevskyi stated.
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