PGO spreads false information about police officers' reassessment, - National Police Chief Dekanoidze

Chief of the National Police Khatia Dekanoidze denies PGO's allegations that four former Berkut officers involved in crimes against Maidan have passed reassessment and been enlisted in the National Police ranks, demanding immediate refutation of the false information.

Censor.NET has received an urgent comment on the issue by the National Police chief:

"The statement of the Prosecutor General's Office about four Berkut officers, charged today under the case of attacks against Maidan, having allegedly been recertified by public commission and enrolled in the service is absolutely false.

"The four Berkut officers have not passed reassessment so far, and, of course, did not appear before public commissions.

"They did serve in militia. At present, after militia ceased to exist, they continue to rank as police officers, waiting for reassessment with no chance to be reappointed to any position at all. Militia has been substituted by the National Police which conducts recertification of all its employees with the help of public commissions consisting of volunteers and journalists. The commissions are absolutely transparent, while recertification is closely watched by the European Commission and ICITAP.

"Surprisingly, prosecutor's office press service disseminates false information, discrediting the recertification process.

"The PGO did not send any official inquiries to the National Police about the actual status of these officers and could not check or receive confirmation of its statement. Yet, the statement has been released.

"Spreading false information about the recertification and reforms inside the National Police, the PGO undermines people's trust in the work of all law enforcement agencies as well as reforms in the country as a whole.

"I hope this absolutely fictional scandal will not affect the open and competent work of public commissions.

"I demand immediate refutation of the false information by the PGO," Dekanoidze stated.

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