Rich kid who killed woman in Kyiv turned out to be son of Donbas businessman, - journalist

The rich kid who hit and killed a woman on the sidewalk with his Mercedes in Kyiv a few days ago has turned out to be a son of a businessman from Druzhkivka (the Donetsk region), Stanislav Tolstosheiev. He is now being treated in one of the private clinics of the capital and can escape at any moment, as he has not been charged and his ward is not watched over by the police.

Journalist Dmytro Hnap wrote on his Facebook page, referring to Kyiv police spokeswoman Oksana Blyschyk, Censor.NET reports.

According to her, the SUV's driver is being treated in one of Kyiv's private clinics.

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Hnap: Is his ward guarded by police?
Blyschyk: No....He has not been notified of suspicion and the measure of restraint has not been chosen.

Hnap: Why not?
Blyschyk: The investigation has only been started, and nothing is clear so far....We have no right to detain him now. (She raises her voice).

Hnap: He killed a woman. Isn't it enough?
Blyschyk: The fact of murder is still to be proved. The investigator says that according to his parents, he has a congenital heart defect and his heart failed in that moment, he lost consciousness and went off the road. The check has revealed no traces of drugs and alcohol in the blood.

Hnap: And how could he get a driving license with a heart defect? How was he approved by the medical board?
Blyschyk: Listen, Dmytro, this issue is beyond our competence.

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According to Hnap, the rich kid, who jumped onto the sidewalk near Livoberezhna metro station in his Mercedes GL last Saturday, killing one person and injuring three, is Stanislav Tolstosheiev. He is a son of Andrii Tolstosheiev - a businessman from Druzhkivka, the Donetsk region.


"Tolstosheiev Sr., while in partnership with former Party of Regions members, was actively engaged in construction business during Yanukovych's times. He even got his hands on a very corrupt pork barrel - Dostupne Zhytlo (Affordable Housing) state program.

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Under the new government, Tolstosheiev continued to earn millions, supplying parts for Ukrhasvydobuvannia [state-owned gas producer - ed.], which was covered in Nashі Hroshі material. The Mercedes GL (АН 7337 EР) is registered with his daughter - Olena Tolstosheieva, born in 1990. I'm guessing the guy will be waiting for a trial on this case somewhere at the Maldives. The more so, the guy is said to have caused a road accident two years ago and luckily escaped punishment. So many accidents with such a weak heart, I wonder how he will endure it all?" Hnap resumed.
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