Tuka suggests banning judges and officials from trips to terrorist-occupied territory

Head of the Luhansk regional military civil administration Heorhii Tuka proposes to ban judges and officials from traveling to the occupied areas of the Donbas.

As reported by Censor.NET, he announced this on his Facebook page.

Tuka wrote that he had held a consultation with law enforcers regarding judges' 'trips' to the occupied territory. According to him, a lot of judges regularly visit both the occupied territories and Russia.

The best scenario, the governor insists, is that such judges disqualify themselves from cases on separatism.

Tuka noted that the situation with criminal proceedings against separatists has improved since August, when he met with the region's law enforcers for the first time regarding this matter.

"Here are some data that I can make public:

- 18 cases under article 110 (territorial integrity of the state) have been taken to court;

- 65 cases under article 258 (assisting terrorism);

- 117 cases under article 260 (membership in a terrorist group)," Tuka informed.

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According to him, 25 judgments have been delivered with jail time, another 22 with suspended sentence; besides, a precedent of jail time sentence in absentia has also been created.

"Now, following the ethics and the laws, I ask court chairmen to issue their decrees and ban judges from visiting the occupied territory. After all, if a person is so desperate to visit the "DPR" and "LPR", he or she may find another job!!! I also intend to issue similar decree regarding officials of the regional administration - everyone has to make his/her choice during wartime. They have to understand that every employee of the state administration is bearing information which is interesting for the enemy," Tuka summed up.
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