National Guard commander Allerov discussed project of NG's 1st light infantry brigade, created under NATO standards, with US Embassy representatives

The discussion of the project of the National Guard's 1st brigade of the light infantry, which is being created under NATO standards, was the first international meeting held by General Lieutenant Yurii Allerov as the National Guard commander.

This was announced by Censor.NET 's Chief Editor Yurii Butusov on his Facebook page.

"The light infantry brigade is being created in close coordination with our allies, and it is important to note special attention of the NATO mission and the U.S. Embassy. Today, second meeting of representatives of the Embassy of the United States - representative of the political section of the Embassy Douglas Hoyt and Acting Military Attaché Michael Van De Velde - with Ukrainian leadership - the National Guard's new commander Yurii Allerov and the project curator from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, deputy Interior Minister for European integration Tigran Avagyan.



"The goal of the meeting:

1. Information on the brigade development.
2. Discussion of possible aid programs to the brigade by our allies.

"General Allerov informed the military diplomats that according to the recently adopted new law of Ukraine "On the National Guard", the NG is passing to the control of the Defense Minister of Ukraine during the wartime. Thus, the National Guard is being included into the system of single military command.

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"The commander said that Ukraine needs support with high-quality military training and training facilities at first place.

"He also said that cooperation between the National Guards of the U.S. and Ukraine has lasted for many years, but now concrete steps are made faster, and concrete cooperation programs are being implemented. With the help of NATO the reform will happen much faster.

"Deputy Minister Avakian noted that the Interior Ministry supports the National Guard reform in full, and will assist with gradual transition of units and command to NATO standards. Obviously, these changes might be much faster if the new brigade project receives aid of NATO instructors, equipment and gear.

"In general, they spoke to the point… The most important is that when seeing serious attitude of decision-makers, the Americans react seriously and are willing to help us.

"During the talks, I also voiced several statements; some of them are new, others reiterated for the diplomats:

"1. This is the first time when the president and the government have agreed on the candidate for the National Guard commander; this makes us hope that Allerov will be supported by both decision-making centers and be under lower pressure when conducting reforms.

"2. For the first time an agreement between acting political forces has been reached, and a new agreed bill has been passed, as well as the increase in the NG budget.

"3. Tactical task of the 1st brigade of the light infantry is to search and destroy sabotage and terrorist groups of all kinds, including those equipped with armored vehicles and artillery, as well as those from the Russian Federation's regular troops.

"4. The brigade is created not with declarations and statements, but with defense planning documents and concrete measures; the unit is being created from scratch.

"5. For cooperation with NATO structures, official documents will be prepared that define possible threats, tactics of deployments, organizational structure, buildup system, weapon system, and combat training system.

"6. The brigade's fighting efficiency check during its shakedown shall be conducted at the frontline, where the units will take under control parts of the front line assigned by the ATO command.

"7. The U.S. National Guard also comprises light infantry detachments, including the light infantry brigade, tactical task of which is similar to that of the 1st brigade of the light infantry of the Ukrainian National Guard. They are an example for us.

"8. We are implementing the U.S. reforms experience: for instance, in Bulgaria, Americans assisted with the military reform by creating a 'model' fighting body - the 68th brigade of Special Forces. The same practice is used by NATO experts in other countries.

"9. It's high time to train not only individual soldiers and separate units. Ukraine needs fully equipped forces under NATO standards, it needs a professional army. Creation of a professional skeleton will allow protecting from aggression in any part of the country, as well as creating modern sergeant and officer corps to increase the professional staff, as well as draft and reserve component not just for the National Guard, but for other law enforcement structures.

"So this is it. … The guys in the brigade are studying and working all the time. No one wants to be in the rear as long as there is war and our comrades are dying. But we must secure the new quality of our military units, and show a model that would be followed by others," Butusov wrote.

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