Luhansk governor Tuka pushes for "LPR" blockade: Luhansk situation is no different from Crimea

Head of the Luhansk military civil administration Heorhii Tuka does not understand why no trade blockade is applied to the terrorist-occupied Donbas areas.

He said this in an interview to Espreso.TV, Censor.NET reports citing LigaBusinessInform.

"I see no difference here - both territories are occupied by the external enemy. If we are conducting trade blockade against Crimean occupants, why don't we do the same at the occupied area of the Donbas," Tuka said.

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He noted his concern about two cases over the past month of border guards apprehending loads that were being transported to the militant-occupied territory via railway.

The first apprehension was a waggon-load of home appliances, Tuka said.

"The most recent detainment is 12 waggon-loads of timber. I have many questions. What is the procedure of obtaining an approval for goods movement? Why is there a need to move cargo like that to the occupied territory? What's the strategy? And how does the situation in the Luhansk region, which is occupied, differ from that in Crimea?" the head of the Luhansk military civil administration stressed.

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