Russian GRU officers began ‘cleaning up’ unwanted militants' warlords, – Russian propagandist

Russia's GRU officers began ‘cleaning up’ unwanted militants' warlords on Russia-controlled territory of the so-called 'Donetsk People's Republic'.

Aleksandr Zhuchkovskiy writes at Vkontakte social network, Censor.NET reports. According to him, the 'cleaning up' is linked with the sales of weapons to Russia by the militants.

"While people are resting after the celebration of the New Year, several groups of "experts" (GRU officers in Russia aka servicemen of Private military companies in 'LPR') entered the occupied territories and started working on "certain issues in the military sphere," as Vladimir Putin delicately put it.

"The purges primarily cover people in the armed forces and the Ministry of State Security (the MGB) who are not willing to part with their shady businesses, especially those connected with weapons. On Dec. 30, just before the New Year, one of the officers of the Donetsk MGB was arrested with two trucks of arms moving towards the border. In general, the new head of the MGB (he also belongs to Russian servicemen 'on vacation', of course) is really enthusiastic about the purges, although the process is so far supervised from the "big land."

"Apparently, the purges will continue throughout the month. As for some particularly odious characters, they will not be 'put to the basement', but exterminated immediately because "the leopard can't change its spots," Zhuchkovskiy writes.

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On Saturday, Jan. 9, a sniper shot killed one of the most influential 'DPR' warlords Yevgeniy Kononov (nickname Kot), who commanded a consolidated company of the '100th separate motorized rifle brigade of the DPR Republican Guard,' Censor.NET reported earlier.

Journalist Denys Kazanskyi writes on Facebook that "a shootout between the 1st 'DPR' Army Corps and 'Troia' militants' detachment headed by Alabai warlord (who guarded [Russian singer and MP] Kobzon during his last visit) is in progress now. Alabai was blocked at the base and held under siege. Alabai does not give up and accuses the leaders of the army corps in arms and drugs trafficking, promising to stay till the end and uploading videos from the besieged base."

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n368362