SBU imprisoned pro-Ukrainian activist from Russia Anastasiya Leonova – media

The SBU keeps pro-Ukrainian activist from Russia Anastasiya Leonova in detention on the suspicion of involvement in terrorism.

Journalist Yevgeniy Levkovich writes on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"A phantasmagoric story happened in Kyiv with our friend Anastasiya Leonova. She stood with us on Manezh Square and participated in all anti-Putin protest rallies in Moscow, including those in support of Ukraine and Maidan protests. Then she left Russia because of obvious reasons. She was a medical orderly for the Azov battalion, and provided first aid on the battlefield. Then she moved to Kyiv," Levkovich wrote.

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"On Dec. 10, she was arrested
on her way home from work by officers of the Security Service on suspicion of involvement in terrorist organizations. Her mother claims there could be no evidence of her involvement in such organizations. She probably just became a victim of a purge of radicals. She is in prison now. She is not allowed to have visitors. We have minimum of information," the journalist added.

He cited Leonova's appeal from prison: "On Dec. 10, 2015, I was arrested and immediately taken into custody on suspicion of creating a terrorist group and organization of terrorist acts, aimed at causing significant harm, threat to life and health of the people, as well as intimidation of the population. Simultaneously, some persons unknown to me were arrested. According to the investigation team, they were part of the terrorist organization allegedly organized by me. During the search of my residence, there were no weapons, extremist literature, or explosives found. I am puzzled by the delusional charges brought against me."

"Despite the lack of any kind of proof of my involvement in a terrorist group, I was detained. At first I was put to the SBU detention center, and then to the Kyiv detention prison. The court dismissed my appeal, which pointed out numerous violations of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The fact of my imprisonment is evidence of the blatant arbitrary behavior of the authorities, since there is no evidence of my guilt," Levkovich cites Leonova.


The scanned copy of Leonova's letter was taken from Facebook of the activist Anya Grabovetska.

"The story is real. Anastasiya is real. As we all, she could communicate with anyone, but she could not prepare terrorist attacks. The SBU understand that for sure. She was interrogated only once, and no further investigation was provided. She is just kept in jail without any evidence," Levkovich wrote.
Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n368112