Russia's new National Security Strategy is empty, though threats remain real, - Turchynov

National Security and Defense Council Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov described the new National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation, signed by President Vladimir Putin on Dec. 31, 2015, as an "empty document."

Censor.NET reports citing NSDC press service.

However, as Turchynov noted, "the Russian threat to our country is unfortunately not empty." He also said that "opposing Russia's aggression remains the top priority of the state security."

Turchynov reminded that the latest version of the document entitled "The National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation until 2020" was adopted back in 2009: "Although this strategy has failed to last until 2020."

"The main instrument of Russia's security is overloaded with empty slogans and self-promotion of greatness of Russia and its leadership, - the secretary said. - Reading the strategy gives an impression it was developed by Lifenews journalists after receiving their "thirteenth salary" rather than security experts.

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"What is important, Putin's strategy has declared the U.S. No. 1 enemy for the first time since the Soviet era, defining it as "opposing the independent foreign and domestic policy of Russia, seeking to maintain its dominance in world affairs." The same status of "enemy" is given to the North Atlantic Alliance, NATO, "further expansion of which, approaching of its military infrastructure to Russia's borders pose a threat to national security"," he said.

Among the "top friends" of Russia as per the strategy, Turchynov said, were China and India which, the secretary believes, "are unlikely to support Russia in its terrorist provocations and war crimes."

"Ukraine was not left unattended either. According to the Kremlin, Ukraine saw an "anti-constitutional coup." At the same time, the West and the United States provoked a "military conflict in the east of Ukraine." This, in turn, according to the document, threatens Russia because of the great length of the Russian-Ukrainian border," Turchynov stated.

The NSDC secretary stressed that the main achievement was the "development of spirituality of the Russian Federation defined in the strategy in the best traditions of social realism." "Traditional Russian spiritual and moral values are being revived. The younger generation is taught to develop decent attitude to the history of Russia. There is a consolidation of civil society around shared values... such as... the respect of family and religious traditions, patriotism... To counter threats posed to national security, Russia will focus on strengthening the internal unity of the Russian society..," the press service notes.
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