All courts should be disbanded and refilled with new judges, - Minister Avakov

Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov offers halting the work of courts in Ukraine for three months in order to build a new judicial system.

Сensor.NET reports, referring to minister's Facebook page.

"No one trusts courts. In public consciousness, judges in Ukraine are now associated with anything but law and justice! Under current situation, any court's decision and procedures are questioned by society," Avakov writes, citing examples of dubious judgments in favor of some infamous Ukrainians.

According to the minister, all recent laws and draft amendments to judicial legislation are half-measures not able change anything.

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In his opinion, it is necessary to return to a radical bill, People's Front once insisted upon, but did not get enough support. "It was about the complete replacement of all judges. A complete rebooting involving new people, real professional competition, and external assessment of the current judiciary. It was proposed to create new courts, with the existing ones working until the process was over.

"Everyone will understand and agree to the fact the country does not have a functioning judiciary for three months till the new system is formed! If people get the idea of real changes and purging, they'll agree to wait," Avakov stressed.

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"I believe we should get a radical judiciary reform started - this is our task for 2016, along with the completion of the key stage of Interior Ministry reform and real changes within the prosecutor's office," the minister resumed.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n367924