Number of police officers to be reduced to 100,000 by end of 2016

Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov released information about a program of structural changes intended for the success of the entire reform in 2016.

He wrote this in Facebook.

"It's Sunday evening, Jan. 3. Khatia Dekanoidze [National Police Chief - ed.] is holding a meeting on the preparation for the next phase of National Police reform. She was at work on Dec. 31, Jan. 1 and 2 - one can accomplish loads of tasks during holidays. The leadership of the Interior Ministry and the National Police is preparing a program of structural changes intended for the success of the entire reform in 2016, including the completion of recertification.

"A "police package" of laws should be adopted, aimed at strengthening the powers of district police officers, ridding investigators from bulky paper work in case with minor offenses. It is necessary to mobilize the whole society to ensure the full transparency of public scrutiny as well as decent funding for the police, including rewards for those disclosing crimes and showing results. It is necessary to complete the reassessment, purge the ranks of the police, and create conditions for attracting new specialists, provide career advancement for those proving their professionalism in practice. We need an e-document management providing for digital signature. Only by the adoption of comprehensive solutions, it is possible to stop the surge of street crimes, robberies, murders, thefts, and extortion by officials," Butusov wrote.

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He stressed: "In 2014, the Interior Ministry accounted for 180,000 employees. After the recertification, by the end of 2016, the National Police will have had 124,000-strong personnel. But in fact, it is likely only some 100,000 policemen will remain, let's wait for the results of the recertification in all regions."

"We need to involve even more public representatives in the process of creating a new police force. Both in the center and in the regions. The most important thing is to concentrate all efforts on provoking the pride of society in the police!" Butusov resumed.

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