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 Ukraine’s blockade of Transnistria administered blow to Russian budget

Moscow is concerned by the lack of progress in the negotiations on the Transnistrian settlement - the position of the Ukrainian authorities on this issue has a negative impact on the situation in the region.

Russia's State Secretary, Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin told Interfax, Censor.NET reports.

"The evolution of Kyiv's position on the Transnistrian settlement has also been featured by delaying of appointment of the new political representative of the Ukrainian side in the negotiations in the "5+2" format since May 2015. The concern is also raised by the fact that not a single meeting has been held within the negotiation process in 2015," Karasin said.

He accused Kyiv of deviation from "impartial mediation in the dialogue between Chisinau and Tiraspol," "intimidation of the international community by the alleged military threat posed by Transnistria, explicit economic and transport "smothering" of the Transnistrian region".

"This pressure has substantially aggravated the already difficult socio-economic situation in Transnistria," the Russian diplomat said.

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According to Grigory Karasin, the tension may escalate "after the implementation of plans of Moldova and Ukraine on the organization of the joint customs and border control in relation to Transnistria".

"In particular, this means that the decision of the Ukrainian and Moldovan parties will change the procedure of delivery of goods imported in Transnistria from Jan. 1, 2016. According to Tiraspol, the additional tax burden on the Transnistrian enterprises will exceed $4 million," Deputy Foreign Minister said.

Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov noted: "Ukraine has administered the first blow to the economy of Transnistria Jan. 1. That's the way to go!"

"The Ukrainian authorities have made an essential step in 2016, and it is worth of public attention: it is necessary to support the initiative of the president, prime minister and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ukraine has made a first step towards restoring order in the territory of Transnistria occupied by the Russian troops. I have repeatedly stressed why this is of strategic importance. The most important thing is that Ukraine is able to completely block Transnistria, in contrast to Crimea and Donbas. This is the front where Ukraine can and must win in the first place. This region is fully subsidized by the Russian Federation, and any increase in spending in Transnistria will inflict damage to the Russian budget. So it is necessary to act decisively there - we have all the trumps in our hands," he stressed.

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"Ukraine will actually benefit from the blockade of Transnistria since this region controlled by the Russian special services is the major source of contraband in our country. The Russian military base in Tiraspol distracts Ukrainian forces. There will be disorder there until Ukraine does not hand over all contacts of Transnistria with the outside world to the authorities of Moldova. Ukraine should introduce Moldovan border guards in its border-crossing points and thus restore the control of Moldova over the movement of goods and people across the Moldovan state border. The strategy of Ukraine should involve the "tactics of small cuts". The cost of war for Russia should be as high as possible. It should incur increasingly great economic, military, material losses and losses in manpower in its terrorist detachments every day," Butusov wrote.

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