"No money for you, bastards," - Interior Minister Avakov on Russia's announcement of Ukraine's default

Interior Minister of Ukraine Arsen Avakov commented on Russian authorities' statements regarding Ukraine's default caused by non-payment of the $3,075 billion accepted by fugitive president Viktor Yanukovych from the Kremlin.

As reported by Censor.NET, he wrote this on his Facebook page.

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"Russia has announced Ukraine's default due to its non-payment of $3 billion lent to Yanukovych during Maidan... I am too teary to speak... I will still say this on this New Year night to the Putin's regime - no money for you, bastards!", Avakov wrote.

As reported, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine issued a decree No.1312 on Dec. 8, 2015 temporarily suspending payments of the obligations in question. The suspension came on effect on the Eurobonds due date, Dec. 20, 2015.
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