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 Terrorists committed more than 35 armed provocations over day, - ATO press center

The HQ does not rule out the intensification may be due to the arrival of another Putin's "humanitarian" convoy.

Сensor.NET reports referring to ATO press center.

"Pro-Russian gangs violate all kinds of cease-fire accords. The actions of their leaders defy logic. Apart from firing 82-mm and 120-mm mortars on Vodiane village located in the "gray area" near Mariupol, Russian-terrorist troops dramatically stepped up their activity in other districts. Over the day, militants have committed more than 35 armed provocations against ATO forces," the report notes.

Using heavy machine guns, various RPGs, and small arms, terrorists continue to fire on Ukrainian forces positions near Novhorodske, Zaitseve, Maiorsk, Luhanske, Opytne, Pisky, Marinka.

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Such an intensification may be connected with the arrival in the Donbas of another so-called "humanitarian" convoy from the territory of the Russian Federation, which brings not only food and basic necessities but also arms and ammunition for the occupants.

In addition, the spike in activity can be a kind of revenge by militants for having been forced to leave Kominternove, which painfully affected the ambitions of Russian military strategists.
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