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 Korban forcibly taken to Kyiv, - UKROP party press secretary

Law enforcers have taken leader of the UKROP party Hennadii Korban to an undisclosed location, presumably to Kyiv.

Censor.NET reports citing UKROP party spokesperson Yevhenia Kravchuk.

She notes: "Korban has been taken forcibly from his apartment by law enforcement officers. According to preliminary data, he is being transported to Kyiv accompanied by SBU officers in several minivans."

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Hennadii Korban's lawyer Oksana Tomchuk wrote: "Hennadii Korban was served summons yesterday to undergo a medical examination, which should take place in Dnipropetrovsk at 9 a.m. He arrived at the facility at 9 a.m. but was not examined. Rrepresentatives of the Prosecutor General's Office informed him that the decision on the examination had been canceled and the examination had been ruled to be held in the Kyiv Forensic Institute and he had to be there today before 6 p.m.

"Since it was impossible to reach Kyiv by either plane or train by this time, we have sent a telegram and I personally called investigation team head Makieiev, whom I have agreed on postponement and determination of next date of the examination with. The investigator promised to call back later to determine the date, but he never did.

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"As a result, a motion to carry out involuntary medical examination has been reviewed and granted today (which is impossible without the participation of defense). The permission for a coerced appearance has also been granted. It was somehow ruled by the Dniprovskyi district court of Kyiv.

"Hennadii is being taken to Kyiv by ambulance accompanied by six vans full of gunmen. In fact, it is an overt kidnapping, which Makieiev must be held accountable for. And he will go to jail, I promise. Together with his superiors."

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