Putin lying all the time, entire world knows it, - Erdogan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced he had told President Obama personally that Russian President Vladimir Putin was lying when he said he didn't know of Russian airforces' strikes against Syrian Turks.

Censor.NET reports citing Anadolu.

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He said that 400,000 civilians were killed in Syria in five years. This is terrorism at the state level, Erdogan stressed. He says that when Russia has interposed in the war, Russian aircraft started to bomb Syrian Turks. According to Erdogan, Putin had said earlier that he wasn't aware of Turks in Syria. However, the Turkish president says, they have notified the Russian party many times about no ISIS presence in the Turk region of Syria. Putin, anyway, has ignored this information, Erdogan says. The Russian president is lying all the time, and the entire world knows it. Erdogan said he had passed this information to American President Obama.

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Erdogan also said that Russians were waging war not against ISIS, but against the opposition in Syria, for 85-90 percent of the country does not recognize al-Assad's regime. The total death toll of the ISIS fighters killed in the war is about 10 to 20 thousand people, the Turkish president said, asking to think about who the remaining 400,000 were.

As reported, Turkey shot down Russian military jet Su-24 over Syrian border on Nov. 24. Turkish military announced they warned the jet 10 times about its violation of the border before shooting it down. It became known later that one of the jet's pilots, Russian military Sergey Rumyantsev, was killed.

On Nov. 25 Russian ambassador to France Alexander Orlov said that the second pilot of the downed Su-24 was safe and sound at a Russian airbase in Syria. This information was later confirmed by Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu.

Russia's President Putin called the incident with the downed jet 'a stab in the back.' He also stated that the Su-24 posed no threat to Turkey, for it had been shot one kilometer from the border.

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Turkish Prime Minister Davutoglu said that Turkey had the right to protect its borders. President Erdogan, in his turn, noted that Turkish Air Forces acted within regulations of threat response in the situation with the Russian Su-24.

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