Grigorishyn is regular visitor to Presidential Administration and president himself; he says he is bying 'political cover,' - Butusov

According to Russian oligarch Konstantin Grigorishyn's revelations, the purpose of the meetings is the same as it used to be with other politicians - buying 'political cover' with money.

This was announced by Censor.NET's Editor-in-Chief Yurii Butusov on his Facebook page.

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"Why does Russian oligarch Grigorishyn give interviews instead of being interrogated?

"I am astonished with how much attention Russian oligarch Konstantin Grigorishyn receives in our media. He was open about having financed the Communist party of Ukraine. Let me remind you that the Communist party of Ukraine is the foundation of pro-Russian influence in Ukraine, and many party members became members of Yanukovych's regime unlawful seizure of power, and later participated in the Crimea and Donbas occupation alongside the Russian occupational forces. Yatseniuk said that Grigorishyn was controlling the Energy Ministry through his people.

"Grigorishyn himself blames the head of the presidential administration Lozhkin for corruption crimes, and says that he gave Interior Minister Avakov $12 million for the elections in 2007 (we are not discussing whether these figures are possible). It's political corruption again.

"At present, Grigorishyn publicly visits the presidential administration and regularly meets the president himself. He announced he used to be Poroshenko's business partner. According to Grigorishyn's revelations, the purpose for the meetings is the same as it used to be with other politicians - buying 'political cover' with money.

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"Neither Grigorishin's words, nor his active participation in the political corruption and illegal financing of political parties and politicians are noticed by the law enforcement agencies.

"Do you believe a Russian oligarch could act without being controlled by Russian secret services and the Kremlin? Could the Luhansk energy union operate under Grigorishyn without Moscow's consent? Could an oligarch keep terms with the Ukrainian president, participate in tenders for supplies to the Ukrainian energy sector, have influence over the ministry, and finance politicians and political parties?

"If a Russian citizen has risen in the Ukrainian politics and economy during the war; if he personally lobbies his interests among high-profile officials; if he dares to publicly blame Ukrainian officials for anything - how can this be neglected?

"We have to either bring to trial for betrayal of national interests those officials who Grigorishyn accuses, or vice versa - it is Grigorisgyn who has to be detained for conducting special informational operations for the benefit of his Kremlin masters. It is shameful for the state authorities to keep silence and hide like ostriches.

"Unfortunately, Russian agents of this level are too tough fir the Security Service yet...," Butusov wrote.

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