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 Lawmaker in blacked-out Crimea: Name your boys Generator

Lawmakers in the Russia-occupied Crimea which is grappling with a nearly two-week long blackout suggest parents name their newborn boys Generator to mark the ordeal.

Russian news agencies on Friday quoted local parliament speaker Vladimir Konstantinov suggesting that parents name their newborn girls Sveta, after 'light' in Russian,' and boys Generator to highlight the government efforts to overcome the crisis, Censor.NET reports citing AP via Hope Star.

Unknown attackers blew up electricity pylons in Ukraine on Nov. 22, leaving the peninsula largely without power. After Russia annexed Crimea in March 2014, it began building an underwater electricity cable system to Crimea from Russia's Krasnodar region, and Putin travelled there on Wednesday to inaugurate the first delivery of Russian power.

At least half of Crimea's 2 million population was believed to be left without electricity as of mid-week.
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