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 Reduction of rents for Ukrhazvydobuvannia would mean elimination of social norms and actual increase of tariffs, - MP to Parliament

The norm to reduce rents for Ukrhazvydobuvannia offered by certain MPs may lead to the elimination of social norms in the cost of gas.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Arsenii Yatseniuk said in the Parliament on Tuesday, Nov. 10, in the course of consideration by the MPs of bill No. 2835 designed to cut rents on gas production, Censor.NET reports citing the official website of the Ukrainian government.

"The rate of rent should be reduced only for those who will actually produce gas, instead of those who stole the license, signed the deals on joint activity and illegally received deposit," he said.

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Arsenii Yatseniuk reminded that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine had submitted a bill to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine which envisaged the reduction in rental payments for natural gas extraction "for those companies that didn't steal licenses, that have not signed the collaboration agreements, that have not illegally obtained certain deposits, and those that invest and increase natural gas production volumes".

According to the head of the government, its bill was being drafted in cooperation with all international experts directly engaged in drawing investments to the Ukrainian gas industry.

However, he stressed, in an alternative parliamentary draft law there occurred a norm stipulating for the return of preferential taxation for 12 gas oligarchs who have joint activity: "After the Ukrainian government made a public statement on the issue, some receded".

The PM stressed that in case norm to reduce rents for Ukrhazvydobuvannia offered by certain members of the parliament approved, it may lead to the elimination of social norms in the cost of gas: "Due to the fact that Ukrhazvydobuvannia has gas of its own production and price of Ukrgazvydobuvannia appears not to be a market price, we have found a way to afford 1200 cubic meters of gas during the heating season for each household at a price that is twice lower than the market one - 3,600 instead of 7,200 hryvnia . Reduction of the rental payment for Ukrhazvydobuvannia means that we must eliminate the social norm and to raise the price of gas from 3,600 to 7,200 hryvnia. I am against this."

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Regarding the subsidy tool, Arsenii Yatseniuk stressed that each fourth citizen of Ukraine received subsidies from the Government. They have got first bills: "An average amount of subsidies for those who need it, not for those who warm their swimming pools with gas, is between 600 and 1.5 thousand hryvnia per household."

Moreover, Arsenii Yatseniuk appealed to those MPs who spread rumors that Naftohaz of Ukraine and Ukrhazvydobuvannia were bankrupts: "They aren't bankrupt, but you have made them bankrupt with the price for gas worth $500, which you signed. With 10 billion dollars that we paid to Russia because of your irresponsibility and lies."

The PM has urged the Parliament to reduce the rates of rent for those who actually produce the gas.

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