Top 10 richest Ukrainians 2015. Everyone grew poorer but Poroshenko, - Novoie Vremia

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Top 10 richest Ukrainians' capital has shrunk significantly at the end of 2015, while it does not concern President Petro Poroshenko who has grown even richer.

This is evidenced by Ukraine's top 100 richest people 2015 ranking prepared by Novoie Vremia and Dragon Capital, Censor.NET informs citing NV.

President Poroshenko went up from 9th to 6th place after his business has flourished by 20 percent to cost $979 mln.

This year, everyone got poorer - even those who were recently considered to be a symbol of boundless capital in Ukraine. For example, Rinat Akhmetov with his $ 4.5 bln does not any longer seem to be as rich as Arab sheikh. His capital has shrunk more than twofold over the year. He would not even hit Russia's top 20 moneybags, while in 2013 he was as wealthy as the richest Russian businessman Alisher Usmanov.

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Another example of free fall - Akhmetov's partner Vadym Novynskyi. The cost of his assets has dropped from $1.8 bln to $709 mln, i.e. by 60 percent compared to 56 percent of the Donetsk billionaire. By the way, Akhmetov can also morph into millionaire, provided his capital continues plummeting at the same pace as now.

Overall, the assets of top ten businessmen fell sharply in price. But one. President Poroshenko got up in the list of 100 richest Ukrainians from 9th to 6th place after his business flourished by 20 percent up to $979 mln.

This is due to the rocketing cost of his confectionery business that is actively developing even in the deepest crisis, expanding capacities and reaching new markets.

The list of 100 richest Ukrainians succeeds in reflecting trends within the Ukrainian economy - those engaged in industrial production, real estate, and high technology can not boast of growth, while those who deal with drugs and food feel fine. This is probably the saddest conclusion that can be drawn after reading the ranking.

Ranking's top 10 is as follows:

1. Rinat Akhmetov with 4.5 billion (-56%)
2. Ihor Kolomoiskyi with 1.9 billion (-17%)
3. Hennadii Boholiubov, with 1.8 billion (-30%)
4. Victor Pinchuk with 1.6 billion (-18%)
5. Dmytro Firtash with 1 billion (-30%)
6. Petro Poroshenko with 979 million (+20%)
7. Vadym Novynskyi with 709 million (-60%)
8. Oleksii Martynov with 680 million (-15%)
9. Oleksandr and Halyna Hereha with 611 million (-15%)
10. Yurii Kosiuk with 601 million (-28%)
Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n358551