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 Central Election Commission cancels second round of mayoral election in Pavlohrad

At today’s session, the Central Election Commission has made a decision cancelling second round of balloting for the post of mayor of Pavlohrad (the Dnipropetrovsk region).

Censor.NET correspondent reports.

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"If the authorities deprive people of the right for free elections, the people get rid of such authorities. This was proven by the members of the Party of Regions. The current authorities follow Yanukovych path, heading to Rostov," candidate for mayor of Pavlohrad Yevhen Terekhov said after the session of the Central Election Commission. According to the results of elections held Oct. 25, he passed to the second round of mayoral elections together with the representative of the Opposition bloc Anatolii Vershyna.

Reporting on the clarification of certain provisions of the Law of Ukraine on local elections in part of determining the results of the mayoral elections in Pavlohrad, Central Election Commission member Oleksandr Shelestov said that the second round of mayoral elections in Pavlohrad could not be held as the protocol of the territorial election commission indicated that there were less than 90,000 voters in the city.

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In particular, he noted: "If during the preparation of a protocol on the results of the elections in the relevant single mandate constituency for the mayoral election the territorial election commission establishes that the number of voters included in the voters lists at the polling stations in the relevant single mandate constituency is less than 90,000, the election commission should recognize the candidate who has received more votes in comparison with the other candidates running in the relevant single mandate constituency as the winner of elections not later than five days after the voting."

Shelestov noted that it was found that the number of voters in Pavlohrad was less than 90,000 in the course of preparation of the protocol of voting in the mayoral election in the city by the territorial election commission.

In this regard, he said that "there was no occasion for the decision to hold a second round of elections." The relevant decision was supported by nine members of the Central Election Commission, while one was against and three others abstained.

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