Prosecutor General Shokin jeopardizes Ukraine-EU visa-free regime and financial assistance to the country, - journalistic investigation. DOCUMENT

Ukraine's implementation of the Visa Liberalization Action Plan appeared is on the verge of disruption as Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin was reluctant to fulfill the requirements of the EU concerning the reform of the PGO.

Censor.NET reports citing the investigation carried out by journalists of Evropeiska Pravda.

"Ukraine was again in the focus of attention of the European Union late last week. Unfortunately, this attention was not positive. The European officials were studying a document which put them to a nonplus. It was due to the fact that it was extremely difficult to believe in its existence even for those who used to deal with Ukraine. The correspondent of Evropeiska Pravda heard the question from several interlocutors: "Please, explain, is he out of his mind?" and even a statement: "He has just signed his own death-warrant!" However, the last-named one then added: "Of course, if all of this has not been agreed at the highest level..." the article reads.

But "Shokin's letter" went beyond diplomatic circles on Friday.

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The Prosecutor General has reportedly declared war to the Foreign Ministry in the official document signed by him personally.

According to him, the Foreign Ministry only pretended to be engaged in "visa-free dialogue" but in fact the purpose of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was "to discredit the state bodies".

Shokin flatly refused to fulfill the items of Visa Liberalization Action Plan concerning the PGO - even those he personally heard from EU Ambassador Jan Tombinski. According to Prosecutor General, the Foreign Ministry instructions on implementation of visa-free plan by Ukraine contained regulations that were "contrary to the requirements of the law."

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But that was not the brightest thesis in Prosecutor General's "bellicose" letter.

At the end of the document Shokin threatened to launch prosecutor's investigation into the Ministry of Foreign Affairs having declared that the actions of the ministry "showed signs of the offense aimed at undermining the authority of the state body."



According to Evropeiska Pravda, the stumbling block was the contest to select the leadership of the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office. Viktor Shokin refuses to fulfill the requirements of the EU to replace the four notorious prosecutors, whom he has appointed to the commission, which, in turn, must select candidates for administrative positions in the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office including the candidates for the position of the anti-corruption prosecutor.

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The requirement of the EU is to replace those four people. And it was the requirement, cited by the Foreign Ministry, which actually caused such a strong reaction of Shokin.

Not only visa-free regime between Ukraine and the EU has been put on the line as a result of the conflict. Brussels has already warned that non-compliance with the requirements will jeopardize "a significant amount of financial assistance from the EU to Ukraine".

"Recent events suggest a conscious disruption of the Visa Liberalization Action Plan implementation by the Ukrainian side.

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