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 Kyiv mayor candidate Bereza says he runs second after 75 percent of protocols processed

Rishuchi Hromadiany Party and observers plan to finish simultaneous ballot counting for local elections today.

Kyiv mayor candidate and the party leader Boryslav Bereza said in a commentary to Censor.NET.

"We have processed more than 75 percent of the protocols. Klitschko is leading with 41.46 percent. Bereza is second with 9.1 percent of the votes, followed by Omelchenko with 8.64 percent, Bondarenko 8.16 percent, Husovskyi with 7.7 percent. Speaking of Kyiv city council elections, Rishuchi Hromadiany are reaching the vote threshold with the result of 5.37 percent," he said.

According to the politician, vote counting and protocol processing are quite slow in Ukraine.

"Of course, the factor of fatigue is present here, for commissions' members work on the brink of their efforts. It's understandable that violations and manipulations are possible in such a mess. However, I believe that most of falsifications have been conducted prior to counting. I mean vote buying and marry-go-round voting," Bereza stressed.

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