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 Vilkul scores 37%, Filatov 35% in Dnipropetrovsk mayoral election, - NGO Opora

NGO Opora has conducted a parallel vote counting of Dnipropetrovsk elections results.

Сensor.NET reports citing Opora's website.

According to the count of Dnipropetrovsk mayoral election results on the basis of 100% of processed protocols, the majority of voters supported Oleksandr Vilkul (Opposition Bloc) - 37.15% or 125,844 votes, while the second place is taken by Borys Filatov (people's deputy of Ukraine, the UKROP party) with 35% or 118,553 votes.

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None of the candidates won 50% + 1 and Dnipropetrovsk is bound to see the second round of election Nov. 15 with the participation of Oleksandr Vilkul and Borys Filatov, where city's mayor will be finally elected.

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As for the seats in the city council, according to the count, Opposition Bloc gets 30.54% or 99,600 votes, while the second place is after the UKROP party - 25.02% or 81,595 votes.

With 5% of support, electoral threshold is cleared by three parties: Hromadska Syla (8.99% or 29,308 votes), Poroshenko Bloc - Solidarity (7.49% or 24,421 votes), and Samopomich (5.97% or 19 463 votes).

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