Defense Ministry buys boots for soldiers at inflated prices, - MP Vinnyk

The Ministry of Defense continues to use time-proven tender schemes and buys boots at inflated prices.

Secretary of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security and Defense, Poroshenko Bloc MP Ivan Vinnyk writes about it in his article (in Ukrainian).

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"I initiated and continue to keep a close eye on the investigation under criminal proceedings instituted on the facts of abuse in public procurement of Arctic diesel fuel for the needs of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in March-April 2015," he wrote.

"Today's public procurement of military boots is mirroring the situation with the purchase of diesel fuel. The "Volunteer Troops" [social activists and volunteers who came to work at the Ministry of Defense - ed.] continue to use time-proven tender schemes and buy boots at inflated prices. I hope that in the end, the prices will be reduced to that on the market, since even the "Volunteer Troops" representatives already ran out of arguments to explain why the company called "Talanlehprom" should get a contract totaling UAH 300 mln (about $13.4 mln), while failing to fulfill it on time and to a good quality and earning super profits which, according to experts, make approximately UAH 100 mln (about $4.48 mln). The victory of a certain participant is achieved through the adoption of new production standards. As Tetiana Chornovol [People's Front MP - ed.] has it: "There is an ironclad rule: if you see monopoly, look for corruption." But when the prices are reduced, these "Facebook soldiers" will call it "their victory" and accuse the committee of interfering with their work," Vinnyk said.

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