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 Cabinet’s decree No.724 caused substantial damage to state; no one asked MPs' opinion, - Parliamentary Tax Committee Head

Committee on Tax and Customs Policy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine filed an appeal to Prime Minister Arsenii Yatseniuk to denounce the decree No.724 (submitted by the State Fiscal Service), which allows customs offices to set their own rates of customs clearance for goods, ignoring contractual value.

Head of the Tax Committee of the Verkhovna Rada Nina Yuzhanina said in an interview to Censor.NET.

"Our committee has learned about the adoption of the decree No.724 after its publication. No one asked the MPs' opinion. The Committee was inundated by calls regarding the unlawfulness of the decree's regulations in the early days of its operation. That is why our committee has decided to create a working group to collect information and show the State Fiscal Service authorities examples evidencing seriousness of the problem," Yuzhanina said.

"The decree No.724 affected entrepreneurs whose cargo was legal, not smuggled," Yuzhanina said. According to her, the resolution should be denounced, so the Verkhovna Rada Tax Committee has filed the relevant motion to Yatseniuk.

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Asked how the Committee was going to deal with the decree No.724 Yuzhanina said: "The decree No.724 reads that it was adopted "in order to provide equal conditions of foreign trade and common approach to the control of the customs value." Thus, we should make sure that the goal has been achieved, according to the parliamentary control. Therefore, we have created a commission within the Committee to determine whether the same norms are applied to the same goods from the same country of origin."

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