Avakov liquidates Ukraine's drug enforcement department: 90 percent of employees to be sacked


Interior Minister Arsen Avakov announced the creation of a new service in the structure of the Interior Ministry, which will deal with drug trafficking.

As reported by Censor.NET, the minister wrote it on his Facebook page.

According to him, the department did not cope with its function. On the contrary, it caused problems, its personnel repeatedly joining various drug schemes and contributing to the trafficking.

He says that attempts to amend the old system failed, with all efforts being obstructed by obsolete principles and resistance of old staff to any innovations.

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"Therefore there will be no reforming. I just disband it [department - ed.].

"All staff - 1051 officers nationwide - is discharged for a complete re-certification and verification with a lie detector. According to preliminary estimates, 80-90 percent of the employees will not be able to pass the tests to enroll to the new police and will be dismissed from the service," the minister said.

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According to him, a fundamentally new drug enforcement department will be set up within the structure of Ukraine's National Police.

Avakov says that by one of the models, the former drug enforcers will not be allowed in the new structure, with those completing all tests successfully to be transferred to other police units.

"We will create it "from scratch", recruit new officers, taking into account already traditional practice of competition used in the new police," the minister stated.

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Avakov wrote: "Another innovation - the new department will be significantly smaller than the previous one - 600 officers. It will be "vertically-subordinated" and independent from local police leadership.

"I am sure, the effectiveness and impartiality of the new vertical structure will be much higher than before.

"This project, which we will be implementing together with foreign experts, following the best patterns of world's drug enforcement authorities, will be led by Ilia Kiva.

"No doubts, he will cope with dismantling the old structure and putting enough energy to work in the new one!" the minister concluded.

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