Over 30,000 hectars of hunting grounds in Kyiv region remain with Yanukovych's cronies. MAP

The Supreme Economic Court has ruled to keep the hunting area of 30,800 hectares with the hunting and fishing club "Yarik." This is evidenced by court's decision of Oct. 6, 2015.

Censor.NET reports citing Nashi.Hroshi.

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The grounds previously belonged to a hunting entity in the structure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In 2012, the rights to the area were passed to Yarik club by decision of the Kyiv regional council. Later on, club's owners agreed the use of these grounds until 2061 with the Kyiv regional forestry and hunting administration. The land in question is 30,800 hectares in Makariv and Borodianka districts of the Kyiv region.

угодья охотничьи

In late 2014, the regional prosecutor's office asked the court to invalidate the above decision by the council as well as the agreement with the club. In March 2015, the court of the first instance granted the motion.

However, the court of appeal, as well as the Supreme Economic Court, overturned that decision and dismissed the claim.

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According to journalists, Kostiantyn Babak, Kostiantyn Zgara, partner of infamous former MP Victor Lozynskyi Vachahan Rostomian, member of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych's hunting club "Kedr" Maj.-Gen. Vasyl Sapko, and ex-deputy of the regional council Volodymyr Zabela are among club's founders, with Viktor Yevtushenko being the director.
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