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 Russian terrorist Girkin predicts collapse of Russia: cession of Crimea will be followed by cession of the Russian Federation

Russian terrorist Igor Girkin (aka Strelkov) predicted catastrophic consequences for Russia due to its intervention in the armed conflict in Syria.

The infamous terrorist wrote it in his "Updates", Censor.NET informs.

"The gaps of Syrian campaign are obvious: 1) it is impossible to win it while the defeat is very likely; 2) taking into consideration this impossibility, the invested resources, both material and human, will be just wasted; 3) the moral effect after the defeat in this much-touted war will affect the situation in the country; 4) the most important thing about the Syrian campaign is the clumsy attempt to fog the cession of the Donbas and the beginning of the "negotiations" on Crimea (according to my information, the fuss around the status of Crimea has already begun).

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"The cession of Crimea will be followed by cession of the Russian Federation with predictable (negative) results. It will be impossible to brake to a halt: having already started the process of surrender, our "beau monde" will bring it to the end. The consequences will be dire - the same as after the dissolution of the Soviet Union at best. But I think they will be worse since no "margin of safety" remains either in the country or economy or society.

"They will try to exchange Crimea for the [lifting of] sanctions with some "profit" (using their terminology). As a result, when even this does not work, they will return and refund everything and will keep paying until losing their shirt. And then there will be a palace coup under the guise of Moscow Maidan followed by nuclear disarmament and dissolution of the Russian Federation. At least that's the plan of Washington and London. Meanwhile, it is working out very well," Girkin wrote.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n357165