PGO to ask for "diamond prosecutor" Korniiets' arrest; pressure being put on investigators, - Deputy Prosecutor General Kasko

The pressure put on the General Prosecutor's Office investigators who detained Oleksandr Korniiets and Volodymyr Shapakin has increased since the investigation started to look at other possible crimes conducted by the "diamond prosecutors."

As reported by Censor.NET 's correspondent, this was announced by Deputy Prosecutor General Vitalii Kasko at a press conference on Wednesday.

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"After it became clear that new suspicions will be raised against Korniiets and Shapakin, the pressure has intensified. It is not only criminal proceedings, it's also constant functional audits, regarding both deputy general prosecutors and their subordinates," Kasko said.

As reported, the Prosecutor General's Office has pronounced Korniiets suspected of extortion through using of his position. Today the prosecutor's office will ask the court to arrest the "diamond prosecutor."

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According to the investigation, the suspected Korniiets illegally seized someone else's business. A criminal proceeding was launched on this matter, which was later illegally terminated at the direction of someone from the PGO's leadership.

"The investigation has found that the termination of the criminal proceeding on this case was illegal. There is proof that this has been done at the direction or with consent of the PGO leadership. Names will be estimated during the investigation," Kasko stated.

Korniiets said to journalists that he saw no reasons for his arrest.

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He also rejected accusations of extortion.

Korniiets explained his failure to appear for questioning in the PGO this morning by being informed too late about the time of the interrogation. The prosecutor announced his intention to come in for questioning in the PGO today at 11 a.m.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n357121