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 Utility providers in occupied Sevastopol demand residents to pay "Ukrainian" debts

Sevteploenergo utility company files numerous lawsuits prior to the heating season to recover debts accumulated by the residents before the occupation of Crimea by Russia.

The claims of the company are ruled by the decree №355-RP legislated by the occupation government of Sevastopol in April 2015, Censor.NET reports citing Krym.Realii.

This decree stipulates for the transfer of assets and receivables to the newly created Sevteploenergo from the Ukrainian utility company of the Sevastopol city council, which was dismantled by the invaders.

The same decree transferred the lien to secure payment for services in the amount of 27,032,027.62 rubles provided in advance.

Thus, the assets of the Ukrainian utility company of the Sevastopol city council have been passed to the Russian company. The total value of the transferred assets was 239,470,343.14 rubles.

Meanwhile, according to the local residents, there is no legal basis in the Russian legal boundaries for the transfer of funds and assets of the enterprise of the other country in such a way.

According to resident of Sevastopol Margarita L., who stood for one of the defendants, the court hearings revealed that the "new Russian" Sevteploenergo utility company was not a legal successor of the "old Ukrainian" one.

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