Opinion poll: 69 percent of Ukrainians distrust Poroshenko, 83 percent - Yatseniuk, 68 percent does not believe in reforms. INFOGRAPHICS

The majority of Ukrainian citizens does not believe in the efficiency of the reforms being carried out by the Government and distrust the main authorities.

This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the Rating sociological group, Censor.NET informs citing Ukrainska Pravda.

68 percent of respondents currently believe that the efficiency of reforms is low (72 percent of respondents expressed such opinion in July and 48 percent in last year's April). 17 percent believe that the reforms are efficient (34 percent of respondents supported progress of reforms in last year's April).

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Judging from the trend, the pessimistic views in this regard intensified sharply since last spring to mid-summer 2015. They began to gradually weaken then.

About 11 percent of interviewees support work of the Verkhovna Rada while 81 percent of ones disapprove it. The index of distrust to the parliament is one of the highest in the past year and a half. 39% of Ukrainians supported the parliament's efforts last spring and 50 percent of citizens did not.

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The president's work wins support of 24 percent of Ukrainians while it is unendorsed by 69 percent, which shows the highest level of distrust to him ever. Petro Poroshenko's peak of popularity was last September when his efforts were approved by 55 percent of Ukrainians while only 35 percent disapproved them.

The achievements of the Cabinet are supported by 13 percent of respondents while they are unendorsed by 83 percent. This index has slightly improved since July, when there were 11 percent of Government supporters opposed by 84 percent of those who unendorsed its work. The peak of popularity of the Cabinet was in April 2014 when it was supported by 52 percent. 40 percent did not support the Cabinet then.

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