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 Russian militants impede monitoring of Russian-Ukrainian border by international observers, - OSCE report


Representatives of the "DPR" and "LPR" impede OSCE observers from monitoring the areas of the Donbas near the border with the Russian Federation.

Censor.NET informs citing the OSCE SMM report as of Oct. 14, 2015.

The report reads: "Armed individuals continue to prevent the SMM from monitoring most areas close to the border with the Russian Federation in parts of Luhansk region not controlled by the Government.

In addition, the SMM was denied passage at a checkpoint in "DPR"-controlled Zaichenko (26 km north-east of Mariupol). Armed men at the checkpoint claimed they had no authorization to let the SMM proceed."

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With regard to the removal of heavy weapons, the SMM received notification from the "LPR" on the planned withdrawal of mortars pieces of caliber up to and including 120-mm in accordance with the Addendum to the Package of measures. It is reported that the SMM unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) spotted two 152-mm D-20 towed-howitzers in a field south of "DPR"-controlled Donetsk.

"In areas beyond the respective withdrawal lines in the Luhansk region, the SMM observed the following military hardware: 12 self-propelled howitzers (2S1) and 24 main battle tanks (MBTs) (T-64) at "LPR" training grounds close to the "LPR"-controlled towns of Uspenka and Myrne respectively (25 and 28 km south-west of Luhansk, respectively).

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"The SMM revisited three "DPR" heavy weapons holding areas whose locations corresponded with the respective withdrawal lines. At two holding areas, the SMM noted that all previously recorded weapons were present. At the third holding area, three previously recorded 122-mm D30 artillery guns were absent, and instead the SMM noted three with different serial numbers. One anti-tank gun (100-mm MT-12 Rapira) was missing.

"The SMM revisited four Ukrainian Armed Forces heavy weapons holding areas whose locations corresponded with respective withdrawal lines. At three holding areas, the SMM noted that all previously recorded weapons were present. The SMM found that at one Ukrainian Armed Forces holding area 11 self-propelled howitzers 152-mm (Akatsiya) were still absent, as had been the case on Oct. 2. The SMM noted that one additional self-propelled howitzer was missing," the report reads.

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