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 Ukraine pays pensions to one million of pensioners from occupied territories

About a million pensioners from the territories of the so-called "DPR" and "LPR" receive pensions from the Ukrainian government.

Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko said in an interview with Censor.NET.

"To date, about one million pensioners out of 1,270,000, who have had the right to receive a pension in that territory, receive it in the territory controlled by the Ukrainian government," the minister said.

He stressed that citizens were obliged to move to the territory controlled by the legitimate Ukrainian authorities and got registered there in order to receive pensions. Although, the minister admitted that some of these people actually continued living in the temporarily occupied territories.

"Certainly, the "pension tourism" takes place: there are people who actually live there and receive pension here. But this is a question to the law enforcement agencies," the minister said.

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Pavlo Rozenko has also explained the circumstances under which Ukraine would start payment of social benefits in the areas controlled by the pro-Russian militants.

"It was not us, who stopped making payments. Such conditions were created for us. The branches of Ukrainian banks have been destroyed; operation of State Treasury, all the offices of the Pension Fund and social services has been stopped... Currently, we have no technical possibility to bring cash there or make payments," the minister stressed.

"Once the rule of the Ukrainian law and the work of the government bodies, banks, Treasury, and so on is restored in the area, we will certainly do our best to pay the appropriate amounts timely and comprehensively," he concluded.

However, according to Rozenko, "there is no such possibility as of today; everything depends on the efficiency of the Minsk process".

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